Starting today, all of dblp’s data will be released under the CC0 1.0 Creative Commons Public Domain License. This affects all metadata releases, in particular the daily and monthly data dumps and data retrieved from the web APIs. This change will make it easier for you to reuse our data. In a nutshell, you can use our data without asking permission, for any purpose (including commercial purposes), and even without attributing it to us. However, we will very much appreciate if you mention dblp as the source of the data set and/or if you provide a hyperlink to

Our previous license, the ODC-BY 1.0 Open Data Commons Attribution License, was selected as a fitting license back in 2011, when Creative Commons licenses were not yet a best choice for handling data publications. But since then, it has become somewhat superseded by CC 4.0 licenses. Furthermore, it is still not clear how compatible ODC-BY actually is with modern Creative Commons licenses. And, probably most important, the attribution requirement makes reuse and data integration more difficult in linked open data scenarios like WikiData.

To ensure compatibility with all existing integrations of our data, we will continue to use ODC-BY as a secondary license for the foreseeable future. If you are currently using data from dblp, please check if CC0 meets your requirements as well.

For further information, please see our FAQ.




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