A historical version of the dblp.xml (called hdblp.xml) is now available at zenodo. hdblp contains historical revisions of all metadata records in dblp. The file can be used to reconstruct the state of dblp for each day between June 1999 and March 2018.

The dblp computer science bibliography was founded in 1993. Since then, dblp has gathered (as of March 2018) data on more than 4 million publications written by about 2 million different authors. For each publication and each author, the collection maintains a simple metadata record which contains all descriptive information. The set of all records is available as daily snapshot as well as stable monthly releases. The records are modified frequently to add additional information or to correct defects. In this document, we describe the hdblp collection which contains the historical content of each metadata record. For every time that a record is modified, hdblp contains a revision of the record’s content. Within certain limits, hdblp can be used to reconstruct the state of dblp for each day between July 1999 and March 2018. This data can be used to study the development of the collection over a period of almost 19 years. Like the dblp snapshots themselves, hdblp is published under the open ODC-BY 1.0 license.

Please see zenodo for a short documentation of the hdblp.xml.